furnaceAn Unsual Furnace Concept

The package included complete supply of assembled furnace plus electrics, secondary conductors and key commissioning labour.

The furnace is of the latest design incorporating AZS glass contact refractory, good quality superstructure refractory and good levels of insulation throughout.

Molybdenum electrodes are used in the melting area and throat. Molybdenum disilicide radiant elements and a diesel / gas burner power the working bay.

An electrified bottom drain is included in the melting end sump to enable any contaminated glass to be tapped from this area.

A surface drain, complete with gas burner, is included in the working bay to allow glass flow from this area.

Separate thyristor controlled transformers give individual regulation to both molybdenum electrodes and radiant elements while a fully instrumented control console allows both manual and automatic control of the tank.

A level control can be included if desired and would be positioned in the corner of the gathering bay. This level control informs the operator if the level in the working bay falls below the set level. This would normally require the operator to commence manual batch charging of the melter. If requested by the customer, an automated batch charger can be supplied.

The day tank is shipped to the customer’s site as two pre-assembled sections. One section being the furnace and the other the power / control enclosure. Other miscellaneous equipment such as cables, thermocouples etc. are assembled on site to quickly complete the installation ready for the heat-up, commissioning and production.