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AFT manufacture a complete range of electrode holders from traditional "Splash" type through to special purpose electrode assemblies.

Various lengths and diameters of holder can be supplied to suit different customer requirements, each assembly is constructed in-house and tested prior to shipment.

Additionally, holders to customer's specification, or special purpose holders for unusual applications can be designed and supplied.


1. Horizontal splash type electrode holders.


These holders are for horizontal installation and have a single water feed pipe to the hot face and drain back along the outer body of the electrode (which is usually fitted with a small tundish). The electrode is mounted eccentrically to allow good access to the water feed pipe. This style of holder has been used for many years and is still preferred at certain locations due to its simplicity and effectiveness. The holder can be provided with an option of a thermocouple if required.


    Model No’s:            1.1/4” dia (32mm)                   2” dia. (52mm)

                                      HI 125 - 400                            HI 200 - 400

                          HTI 125 - 400                          HTI 200 - 400


   Cost: Prices available on request.


   H – horizontal holder

   T – thermocouple

   I – insulated support

   125 or 200 – 1.1/4” or 2” dia. electrode         

   400 (typical) – length of holder in mm’s (to suit requirements)










2. Enclosed electrode holders




Fitted with both inlet and outlet water cooling pipes, these holders are suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications. The cold end is isolated from the electrode using an insulated clamping arrangement to eliminate the chance of conducting down the clamp screws and down the length of the holder into the glass. Obviously with a well cooled holder with good electrode insertion this should not be possible. However, as electrode wear takes place the probability of this occurrence increases with the resultant effect being one of accelerated wear of the holder at its hot end.

With the exception of some of the smaller sizes, the electrode is mounted concentrically to give uniform cooling around the whole of the cooled end. Optional thermocouples are housed in a protective sheath and can easily be replaced if required.




Standard enclosed holder range;


                 1.1/4” dia (32mm)                                     1.5” dia. (38mm)                           2” dia. (52mm)           

                  E/DTI 125 – 400                                        E/DTI 150 – 500                             E/DI 200 – 600

                  F/DTI 125 – 400                                                                                               E/DT 200 – 600

                     E/FI 125 – 400                                                                                                E/DI 200 – 600

                  E/ETI 125 – 400                                                                                           E/OS/TI 200 – 600

                                                                                                                                     E/ROS/TI 200 – 600

                                                                                                                                           E/DTI 200 – 600

                                                                                                                                            E/ETI 200 – 600



                       60mm                                                  2.5” dia. (63.5mm)                        3” dia. (76.2mm)

                    E/DTI 60 – 600                                        E/DTI 250 – 1200                           EDTI 300 – 1200

                                                                                      E/ETI 250 – 1200

                                                                               E/OS/DTI 250 – 1200


E/- Enclosed

F/- Structurally stronger (1.1/4”)

D- standard duty

E- improved cooling

F- reduced cooling (for some forehearth applications)

T- with thermocouple

I- insulated body

/OS- oversize (larger O/D for use when replacing an existing holder by “overdrilling”)

/ROS- “standard” O/S holder (127mm od.)

600, 1200 (typical) overall length


Thermocouples are generally type “K” that are installed in a protective sheath that can easily be replaced in case of failure.


Insulated bodies electrically isolate the holder at the electrode clamp screws. The purpose of this design is to isolate the holder from the electrode to eliminate the chance of conducting through the holder to the glass. Obviously with a well installed holder adequately cooled with good electrode insertion this should not be possible. However, as electrode wear takes place the probability of this occurrence increases with the resultant effect being of accelerated wear of the holder at its hot end.


Ordering Information


When ordering or requesting quotations for electrode holders all we need are the electrode diameter and the holder length, plus the style of holder you require.


Alternatively, if you inform us of the actual refractory details and application for which the holder is intended we shall be happy to advise the recommended type of holder you require.






Electrode ConnectorsImage of cast holderCU connector


In addition to our electrode holders, we have a range of electrode connectors available. For most applications our standard 'CU' range of connectors (shown on the near right) should be adequate.

The image on the far right shows our cast connector that is designed for use in conjunction with a floor standing insulated support. Aditionally this connector (and support) can also be used with our polycarbonate electrode guards with an option for air cooling as shown below.

CU 125 (32mm) approx. rating 1500 to 1750 amps

CU 200 (50mm) approx. rating 1500 to 1750 amps

CUL 125 (32mm) approx. rating 750 to 1000 amps

CUL 200 (50mm) approx. rating 750 to 1000 amps


Site guard



AFT manufacture a very tough polyester guard for use with our horizontal electrode holders. The guards can easily be removed for advancing electrodes, and the design allows for variable amounts of electrode protrusion to be catered for and allows electrode extensions to be fitted when necessary.

The image (left), shows guards fitted on our splash type holders using both the the cast connectors and floor mounting supports mentioned above.